What would I say to the world?

Okay.  So, how ‘bout this; how about we let our kids fall down!  How about we stop giving trophies for just showing up.  WINNERS get trophies!  Those who don’t win try harder next time and learn the lessons that failure and disappointment teach. (I’m guessing the whole trophies for just showing up thing only happens here in the US.) Clearly, some have never learned those lessons and can only survive inside of a win, imagined or real.

For everything else:  how about the only thing we teach our children is how to bathe, how to cook, how to read, how to do math, and some manners.  Simple manners!  Talk about others as if you were talking about yourself; speak to other people the way you want to be spoken to.  Basically, just treat everyone else the way you want to be treated.  That pretty much takes care of all the forcing beliefs on people, disrespecting others, lying, gossiping, murdering, raping, pillaging – and all the other things we are all capable of.

MANNERS PEOPLE!!!  MANNERS!  When you really think about it, that’s all we need. (Some more than others!)

That’s what I would say to the world, and those who lead it.